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Name:Nathaniel Graison
Birthdate:Mar 11
Nathaniel Graison is a black wereleopard. This is not his most defining characteristic, though, as he is a complete omega, the weakest of his "pard" (the term for a wereleopard pack). He is also a stripper at the Guilty Pleasures club under the stage name "Brandon". He is described as being in his early twenties, approximately 5'6" with knee length mahogany auburn hair, lilac eyes, "pretty" rather than handsome features, and a muscular swimmer's body. He also wears a lot of silver, even though it causes him pain to do so.

Nathaniel enters Milliways between the canon events of Narcissus In Chains and Cerulean Sins.

Nathaniel is from the Anita Blake series and is the property of Laurel K. Hamilton. He is used for RP purposes, and no money is being made off it him.

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